February 2017

5 misconceptions about your coworking space

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Coworking is a booming trend. It is a fact. There is an increasing number of coworking spaces in France and around the world. It is a promising market, as much liked by start-ups as by the self-employed. But many misconceptions are still received on coworking spaces.

Investigation: what your members want from your coworking space

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This is a real trend which is likely to last: more and more workers, especially young graduates, are adopting freelancer status to work independently. A study from 2013 even announced that freelancers will represent more than 40% of the workforce by 2020. This will be enough to

Guide: 10 tools to manage your coworking space

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When you are managing a coworking space, there is an important aspect that you should never forget: a coworking space is a business. With all the obligations that this implies. The life (or death) of your coworking space will be determined by your ability to keep

4 essential tools for your alumni networks [+promo codes]

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Managing an alumni network is never an easy task. There are thousands of things to manage in order to have members involved and an alumni network that is effective. This is why it is necessary to use tools to facilitate your task. Here are 4 tools

January 2017

5 Tips To Immediately Boost Your Alumni Network

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An alumni network is essential for a school, a sport club or a company. He makes the link between the school, alumni and new students. This association type is very useful: thanks to an online platform or a website, the new students are allowed to

Hey, here’s what your network of alumni really want

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If you work for an alumni network, you already know that your alumni association acts as a bridge between the school, past alumni and current students. This type of association is useful because thank's to a platform or a website, new students can contact alumni

4 tips to boost your alumni network

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An alumni network is useful because your former students or former employees will be able to exchange opportunities with new students or employees (internship, contacts, job opportunity...). But how to make your members active in your network? If you are stuck, here 4 tips to boost your alumni network.

What will the company of the future look like?

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Since the industrial revolution, companies have undergone many changes in order to adapt to technological changes and the economy. Those that have not been able to adapt have been replaced by more innovative companies and increasingly ambitious entrepreneurs. With the advent of the collaborative economy, companies

How Sharing Economy Can Transform The Business World?

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The collaborative practices between individuals or between individuals and companies continue to multiply around us. People trying to abandon the idea of a purely individualistic overconsumption in order to approach a cooperative logic. This trend of collaborative economy concerns all the sectors of the market, but can it find its place in

Startup: Don’t Miss Your Chance To Impress at The CES 2017

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Tomorrow, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2017 opens in Las Vegas. The world's most important technology exhibition, a showcase for innovation in all fields, celebrates its 50th anniversary under the sign of the Internet of objects and the intelligent home. And many entrepreneurs will be present to