December 2016

6 reasons to work in a coworking space

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Coworking is a type of work organization that promotes teamwork, exchanges and openness to others. This form of work has several advantages like flexibility or a reduced cost, but also working in a coworking space helps boost creativity. In truth, working in a coworking space has only

November 2016

4 cool tips to animate and develop your business network

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A business network will not work if it's members are not proactive. As the animator of your business network, the best way to encourage them to get to know each other better and to exchange business opportunities is to make your meetings interesting. In this article, we

Quiz: How well do you know the world of Chambers of Commerce?

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Many people still wonder, “What is the use of a Chamber of Commerce?” “What is a Chamber of Commerce doing?” “What is a Chamber of Commerce? ”And you, how well do you know the world of chambers of commerce?

The most powerful business networks in USA

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Business networks are amazing places to make business. There are more and more being created to allow their members to find business opportunities. Each year, these are billions of dollars that are generated by members who exchange business opportunities. What are the most effective business network in USA?

How to find the right business network for you

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Do you want to join a business network? For your time investment to be the most profitable, make sure the network truly meets your expectations! A good professional network must truly meet your goals. This article will help you find the perfect professional business network for you.

How Chambers of commerce can help entrepreneurs?

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Many people still wonder, "What is the use of a Chamber of Commerce?" "What is a Chamber of Commerce doing?" "What is a Chamber of Commerce? " A Chamber of Commerce is a group of business people who partner to help entrepreneurs for economic, civic and

How Chambers of Commerce use Swabbl

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Chambers of Commerce are organizations that represent the interests of entrepreneurs. They help them develop their businesses. As an essential part of the business world, chambers of commerce use Swabbl to enable entrepreneurs to find business opportunities.

VCs : don’t miss your investment of the year!

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As an investor, you have an important mission: find the next successful startup. In order to do that, you invest in multiple startup each year in the hope to bet in the future Facebook or Uber. This mission is complicated and risky because you can waste

Infographic: 5 tips to be a better entrepreneur

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Entrepreneur is a hard work, maybe the most difficult job on the planet. To be successful, you have to be passionate and motivated...but also develop some habits. Here some tips to be a better entrepreneur!  

Why the Web Summit is a great event to make business

Last week, we were at the Web Summit, one of the most important event dedicated to the web ecosystem in the world. During 4 days, we enjoyed the city of Lisbonne and we attended many conferences about startup and marketing. But most importantly, we taken the chance