The US basketball championship has never been so successful. With an explosion of TV rights, and therefore wages. If the NBA championship creates so much enthusiasm, it is also thanks to its stars like Stephen Curry or Lebron James, which attract fans. And generate a lot of money! 

What is the most 2016 Christmas gift for NBA enthusiasts? Surely, the meeting that took place tonight, on the floor of the Cavaliers, opposite the Warrios, for a new settlement of accounts between two teams that compete for the NBA title since 2015. The opposition between Cleveland and Golden State held All his promises with a huge duel between Kevin Durant and Lebron James.

The Cavaliers dominate the Warriors at the end of a high-intensity, spectacular and suspenseful match (109-108). King Lebron James played a very good game as usual and confirmed his reputation as an essential player in the NBA, even more than his team.

King James, MVP of the NBA

Like Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo in football, Lebron James is the type of player for whom one moves to see a match at the Quicken Loans Arena. Each match is a mass gathering at least 20,000 fans, not counting those who follow their favorite team on television or on their phone. They do not want to miss the feats of their team, but especially the quintuple MVP of the NBA, Lebron James.

In fact, many are paying their place or subscribing to NBA games just to see their idol on the pitch. This represents a very important financial windfall for the NBA. When you know that a place can cost up to $ 95… But It has no price to see the first player in the history of the NBA to complete a series of playoffs by being both the best score, rebounder, passer, interceptor and opponent of the two teams combined.

Thank’s to it’s stars, NBA makes 💰💰💰

It is no secret that the NBA is a huge business for many years. In 1983, NBA sales were just over $ 100 million, while this year, the NBA generates a turnover of nearly 5 billion dollars making it the third league in the US from a financial point of view behind the untouchable NFL and the MLB. Basketball is glamor and TV rights are becoming more and more important. In 2014, the final matches between San Antonio were followed by 900 million viewers worldwide.

The NBA can also trust the brands to make money, since they give it a lot of money to advertise during the games. Brands struggle to presents his commercials or be present in the stadiums. And guess who is the most present player in the commercials? LeBron James is the most bankable player with more and more sponsors (Nike, Beats by Dre, Coca-Cola, Samsung…)

lebron clevelands

The NBA also earns a lot of money through merchandise. The official store of the NBA championship has given its top 10 players and teams that sell the most jerseys. Unsurprisingly, it is still and always the star of the Cavaliers of Cleveland, LeBron James who dominates the list of the players. Last year during the playoffs, Steph Curry had taken the place of the king but Lebron has recovered his throne.

In the NBA, Lebron James breaks all records. He is one of the best players in the history of the championship. It also allows the NBA to increase its revenues and popularity. In recent years, Lebron James has become an important asset of the NBA!