January 2017

What will the company of the future look like?

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Since the industrial revolution, companies have undergone many changes in order to adapt to technological changes and the economy. Those that have not been able to adapt have been replaced by more innovative companies and increasingly ambitious entrepreneurs. With the advent of the collaborative economy, companies

How Sharing Economy Can Transform The Business World?

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The collaborative practices between individuals or between individuals and companies continue to multiply around us. People trying to abandon the idea of a purely individualistic overconsumption in order to approach a cooperative logic. This trend of collaborative economy concerns all the sectors of the market, but can it find its place in

Startup: Don’t Miss Your Chance To Impress at The CES 2017

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Tomorrow, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2017 opens in Las Vegas. The world's most important technology exhibition, a showcase for innovation in all fields, celebrates its 50th anniversary under the sign of the Internet of objects and the intelligent home. And many entrepreneurs will be present to

6 Best Practices For Incubators In 2017

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To accompany the launch of a startup, more and more structures offer an incubation service. Faced with a rich and diverse offer, incubators must offer innovative and useful services to attract startup. Be ready for 2017 with these 7 useful advices to have a better incubator. 

December 2016

Yes, Viadeo is officially dead: the 4 reasons of a disaster

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That's it, it's official: Viadeo is dead. Well, almost dead. The French competitor of the giant LinkedIn was bought by the media group Le Figaro, for an amount of  €1.5 million. There was a time when the market capitalization of Viadeo reached the 148.5 million euros... Why such a decline?

Business: why Lebron James is essential to the NBA?

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The US basketball championship has never been so successful. With an explosion of TV rights, and therefore wages. If the NBA championship creates so much enthusiasm, it is also thanks to its stars like Stephen Curry or Lebron James, which attract fans. And generate a lot of

Why the Star Wars franchise is the best deal ever done by Disney

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George Lucas sold Lucasfilm in 2012 for $ 4 billion to Disney. For some it was good news, since overall, Star Wars was more or less in pause but for others it was the worst thing that could happen. 4 years later, if the new

The victory of Donald Trump is also the victory of its professional network

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On November 8, 2016, Donald Trump became the new President of the United States! Many believed he would lose against Hillary Clinton because of his controversial personality but the successor of Barack Obama to the White House reminds us how important it is to have a strong

6 reasons to work in a coworking space

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Coworking is a type of work organization that promotes teamwork, exchanges and openness to others. This form of work has several advantages like flexibility or a reduced cost, but also working in a coworking space helps boost creativity. In truth, working in a coworking space has only

November 2016

Quiz: How well do you know the world of Chambers of Commerce?

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Many people still wonder, “What is the use of a Chamber of Commerce?” “What is a Chamber of Commerce doing?” “What is a Chamber of Commerce? ”And you, how well do you know the world of chambers of commerce?