December 2016

Avoid this mistake that 96% of salespeople do!

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As a salesperson, your obsession is leads. And that's normal. It is essential in the world of business. This is what will keep your business afloat, and will allow it to grow. But now that there are things to do and not to do in your

Business: 5 tools to grow your business in 2017

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That's it. 2016 it's almost over. This year is almost finished and after the holidays, you will be back for the hunt for new business opportunities. You will have to swap the refreshing christmas cocktails for your smartphone and your pen. It's hard. But it

Business: 30 quotes that will motivate your days prospecting!

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Salesmen, businessmen...We all have the same obsession in everyday life: sell more. But selling is not always easy. For some, selling is even an art. The fact remains that the days of prospecting are often painful and that motivation, passion and determination are often the driving

September 2016

11 Sales Tips You’ll Need To Succeed

Some say that in sales, there are no shortcuts. Where that may be true, throughout my career as a buyer and seller, I have discovered certain sales tips that make selling a lot easier.  Some of these may sound counterintuitive, and some may sound like