This document specifies the conditions of the Swabbl service. Each member must consult before creating their account. Validation of their account by the member implies acceptance of all conditions (Terms / Conditions).

These conditions are valid from December 12, 2016 and for an indefinite period .

GTU/TOS apply between the members and the Swabbl service throughout the duration of the subscription member .

Swabbl is a service edited by the company Monclubbusiness SAS

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1. Swabbl

Swabbl is a BtoB application to do business as a team, to share business needs, opportunities and qualified leads.
Swabbl allows users to create or join teams for business publishing business needs and to share in a segmented way qualified contacts and business opportunities.

It is possible to access the service in 2 ways:

– By creating a business team

– By joining a business team at the invitation of responsible business concerned team.

2. Using Swabbl

To use Swabbl it is necessary to fulfill two main conditions :
– Create an account
– Create or join a business team

Once these two conditions are met , a user can connect to the service (login + password ) throughout the duration of their subscription (free or paid).

It is necessary to have more than 18 years to use the Swabbl service.
An account is strictly personal , it is forbidden to transmit its identifier to another person.

3. Offers

It is possible to use Swabbl in unlimited free mode.

It is also possible to choose a pay offer on Swabbl to benefit from additional features (eg. business unlimited teams, unlimited storage of contacts, unlimited business needs, backoffice, branding, etc.). These offers are described on the website Swabbl and in the application at the time of subscription.

As part of the premium offerings, subscription represents the amount paid by an organisation or a company to access a set of defined features of the service over time.
The price of the subscription can be paid via CB on the website or on invoice depending of the organisation or of the company.
The subscription can be paid annually or monthly (no engagement).
At the end of the subscription period, the subscription will be renewed automatically.

An organisation or a company may at any time cancel their subscription if they wish. As part of the cancellation of an annual or monthly subscription, the subscription will remain active until the due date then it will not be renewed and the user will automatically return the choke offers (free). Only the first business teams remain active when an organisation or a company will pay to supply the free offer.

Description of subscriptions is presented on the site
Subscription prices are set by Swabbl independently. This price may be changed at any time upon decision Swabbl that will be required to immediately update the information on its website as well as in the mobile application.

The payment of the subscription will be confirmed to the organisation or to the company by an email confirmation. An invoice may be requested by the user.

4. What’s a business team

A business team is a private area on Swabbl. Only the administrators of the organisation or of the company and the people who are invited have access to the business team. Administrators of a business team are in charge of the team, they are the only one to invite members in the business beat and to be able to remove them. They agree to be allowed to use the name of the business team created.

A business team may be created by an organisation or a company.

A business team is composed of members that can perform several actions:
– Publish business needs and share business opportunities with other members of the business team
– Respond to business requirements published by members of the business team
– Share contacts with members of the business team
– Set up a matchmaking email from a member of the business team and a shared contact
– Manage and update information at any time of their member card
– Manage their account settings
– Delete their account

It is possible for a user to be part of several business teams. In this case, each of its business teams is accessible directly from his account on the Swabbl application. When a user is part of several business teams, each business team keeps its private space.

When a member joins a business team, he agrees that the data provide information in its card member are accessible to other members of the business team to which he belongs.

Each member is responsible for his actions within a business team and agrees to comply with a professional approach.

Swabbl is authorized to send invitations emails to people invited by the Administrator on behalf of the business team. The administrator authorizes Swabbl to perform a limited number of raises in order to maximize the number of people who join the business team. These emails will be done with care and unsubscribe possibility will always be available within the email. The frequency of sending emails comply with reasonable frequency and can not be treated as spam.

5. Protection of business teams

All data in a business team are private data are accessible only to members who have been invited in this business team. It is not possible to access the directory of members of a team, shared contacts in a team or to the business needs of a team without being part of this team.

Swabbl is not authorized to disclose the information in the business team to people outside the business team.

To promote his business team, the administrator of a business team can choose to display certain information from his team (number of members, business needs to numbers published, number of contacts, shared, revenue generated , etc.). When it becomes available, this functionality will be available in the menu Manage my business team.

As part of the operation of the service, Swabbl teams have the ability to use data in a business team to communicate with members of the same business team.

6. Delete account

It is possible for a member to delete their account at any time from the app by going to My Account / My settings and preferences / Delete Account.
As part of a Premium or Enterprise subscription. This removal will not lead to any financial compensation linked to the remaining term of the subscription.

Swabbl may permanently terminate the account of a member in the cases below:
– Business team joined in improper and / or fraudulent
– Incorrect data on its member card
– Creation of multiple accounts / loan from his account to a third party
– Breach of Terms / Conditions
– Fraudulent use of the service, spam, etc.
– Using a team name for which the administrator does not have permission to use
– Non compliance with the rules of use of contacts obtained

Termination of an account by a member Swabbl not give rise to any financial compensation linked to the remaining term of the subscription, shared contacts or to published business needs.

Any termination is final.
A member whose account has been terminated is allowed to open an account in accordance with the rules of the service.

When deleting an account, all data concerning the user is deleted from the Swabbl application. This action is irreversible.

7. Delete a business team / Quit a business team

It is possible for an administrator to delete a business team at any time from the app by going to Manage my business team.
This removal will not lead to any financial compensation for members of the business team concerned as well as the administrator of the business team regardless of the type of outstanding subscription.

When deleting a business team, all data concerning the business team will be deleted from the Swabbl application. This action is irreversible.

Swabbl can permanently remove a business team in the cases below:
– Use a name without permission to a business team
– Non compliance with the law or morality
– Create multiple identical business teams
– Breach of Terms / Conditions
– Fraudulent use of the service, spam, etc.

The termination of a business team by Swabbl not give rise to any financial compensation linked to the remaining term of the subscription to invited members or shared contacts in the business team.

Any termination is final.

It is also possible for a member to leave a team business. It will be necessary to be invite or add again by the administrator to join this business team.

8. How the service work

The service is based on the fact to create or join business teams. It is possible for an organisation or a company to create or join several business teams from his account.

Swabbl The application consists of the following elements:
– The list of business teams for finding and accurately identify each member in the team directory.
– Last activities to publish a business need or see the published business needs, share business opportunities and solve problems.
– A private messaging system to share contacts in private with other members and to meet the published business needs.
– A storage contacts that allows each user to import so its different private professional contacts to share them selectively with some of its business teams within the published responses to business needs.
– A dashboard that tracks the history of its activity on Swabbl and recover all contacts obtained through its business teams.
– Home page
– An account for each member to manage personal information
– A place to access to the Happiness Center and to all the informations regarding Swabbl (Team, About, Contact Information).

Each user has a score of influence on Swabbl. This score corresponds to its level of activity in its various business teams. It works as follows:
– Sharing a contact in one or more business teams: + 1 point
– Deleting a shared contact in one or more business teams: – 1 point
– Answer to a published business need: 2 points
– Publication of a business need: +1

Its forbidden :

– Publish needs that will not respect morals
– To publish pornographic or pedophile needs to
– Publishing needs to disparage another member, a person or corporation outside the service or the service itself
– Publishing needs that come out of a normal course of business with the aim of finding a business partner, a service provider, investor, business contacts, a candidate or to solve a professional order problem.

Swabbl is a professional service. As such exchanges on the platform need to be exclusively professional character.

Swabbl is authorized to regularly monitor the performance of business teams to ensure they comply with the operating rules.

It is possible at any time for a member to report a problem by visiting the page of Happiness Center.

9. Imported contacts

When a user of Swabbl important business contacts, they are not shared in the business teams. This import allows it to store, manage and simply deduplicate its various sources of contact.

Once imported contacts, it is possible for a member to share contacts with members of its business teams.

To reply to a published business need, a member can directly select a contact to share among his contacts imported.

A contact that has been imported will be deleted.

10. Payment and prices

Two payment methods are available:
– CB payments for purchases via the web version
– Payment on invoice

Prices include all taxes. Swabbl publish a bill on user demand.

Swabbl, through its technical partners guarantee perfect security of banking data of users as well as transactions carried out.

11. Additional services

In the development of its offer, Swabbl will offer new services to users in the application. Its services can be services developed by teams Swabbl or connected services via third party applications.

12. Swabbl’s rights

Swabbl can intervene at any time to users to maintain a high quality of service and monitor compliance with the Terms / Conditions.

Below is a partial list of possible interventions:
– Direct telephone contact
– mail sending
– Updating the database

Swabbl is allowed to communicate with users of the service.

13. Service delivery
Swabbl is under an obligation of means to ensure the proper functioning of the service.
As part of maintenance, updates or exceptional failures, it is possible that the service is more accessible for a certain period.
This loss of access for members may not give rise to any financial compensation.

14. Personal data

Swabbl (Edited by Monclubbusiness) filed in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, a statement by the subscriber to the CNIL number 1790335 file.
Those whose details are included in the database so that users have a right to access, correct and delete information about them for legitimate reasons. To exercise these rights these persons are invited to send a message to our Happiness Center or delete their account directly from the app.
Users are responsible for the information they add and make it accessible to other users Swabbl service. They undertake to respect the requirements of the Data Protection Act in connection with the collection and use of information.
Users agree on the fact that the information they provide information exclusively professional information.

15. Swabbl’s responsability

Swabbl can not be held liable or deemed to have breached these terms and conditions, for any delay or failure when the cause of the delay or failure was due to a force majeure as defined by the during the french jurisprudence and courts including the interruption, suspension, reduction or electricity or other disturbances or interruptions of all electronic communications networks or in case of events beyond its control.

Intervention of the Head of Site:
Swabbl reserves the right to change the terms, conditions and notices of this at any time, especially in case of technical, legal or jurisprudential or during the introduction of new services. It is thus advised to regularly consult the latest version of User terms of use available on the Site. The continued use of the Site or the Application As the modification of these Terms of Use constitutes acceptance by each user, the terms and conditions in force.

Public Site Content:
Despite the great care taken in the creation and updating of this website and mobile application, Swabbl can not provide any warranty, express or implied, regarding the information contained herein. Therefore, monclubbusiness can not be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, from any errors, inaccuracies or omissions of the information contained in the site and the application.

Swabbl can not be held liable for:
– The contamination by computer viruses circulating on the network
– Of the problems resulting from abnormal or illegal use of the service
– Incorrect protection password
– Costs related to the use of the service such as telephone subscriptions, subscription to internet, the internet connection fees, telephone expenses, expenses related to the exchange of data, etc.

The minimum configuration for using the service are:
– Internet explorer 9
– Safari 5.1
– IOS 7
– Android 2.3

The swabbl application and publisher of the service are not related to Apple

16. Applicable law – Jurisdiction

These Terms / Conditions and the entire operation of the service fall under French law.
The competent court in cases of dispute is the Commercial Court of Lyon.

Last update: 12.11.2016