The coolest way to get leads

1. Create your business teams

  • Set up a business team for each group of your organization (business units, geographical areas, thematics, partners, events…)
  • Add people in each business team
  • Easily segment your organization, create as many business teams as you want and develop leads sharing, in a structured way, between the people in your business teams

2. Share business needs and leads in a cross cutting way

  • People in your business teams can publish business needs and opportunities
  • Each business need is published in a structured way with a category (business contact, recruitment, partner, provider, investor, opportunity, problem solving), a title, tags, a description, a geographical area, an attachment. It can be published in 1 click in one or in several business teams
  • Everybody in your business teams can reply in private to the needs by sharing qualify leads and a business referrals

3. Get real time data

  • Use a complete backoffice to get analytics about your organization activity (number of needs and opportunities, number of replies, number of contacts shared, number of opportunities created, transformation rate, statistics, exportation of data)
  • Track your ROI
  • Manage and incentive your teams

4. Use Swabbl as a white label

  • Choose your colors
  • Put your own logo
  • Sign your e-mails