January 2017

6 Best Practices For Incubators In 2017

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To accompany the launch of a startup, more and more structures offer an incubation service. Faced with a rich and diverse offer, incubators must offer innovative and useful services to attract startup. Be ready for 2017 with these 7 useful advices to have a better incubator. 

December 2016

Avoid this mistake that 96% of salespeople do!

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As a salesperson, your obsession is leads. And that's normal. It is essential in the world of business. This is what will keep your business afloat, and will allow it to grow. But now that there are things to do and not to do in your

October 2016

How to use your professional network to find a job?

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Use its own professional network when seeking a job can be very effective because it's difficult today to find a job only by responding to a job offer. Networking is unavoidable. But how to make good connections and, most important, reach out to your network? And what do you say? Here