January 2017

5 Tips To Immediately Boost Your Alumni Network

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An alumni network is essential for a school, a sport club or a company. He makes the link between the school, alumni and new students. This association type is very useful: thanks to an online platform or a website, the new students are allowed to

Hey, here’s what your network of alumni really want

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If you work for an alumni network, you already know that your alumni association acts as a bridge between the school, past alumni and current students. This type of association is useful because thank's to a platform or a website, new students can contact alumni

4 tips to boost your alumni network

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An alumni network is useful because your former students or former employees will be able to exchange opportunities with new students or employees (internship, contacts, job opportunity...). But how to make your members active in your network? If you are stuck, here 4 tips to boost your alumni network.