Develop business exchanges, offer a collaborative business platform and allow your coworkers to do more business together and thanks to each other. Ensure the members of your coworking to boost their sales thanks to your coworking area.

Benefits for your coworkers

1. A platform for publishing private business needs in order to quickly find the right business contact by simply posting a request in a structured way to the other members of the coworking (to find a business contact, a partner, an investor, a candidate, a provider or to solve a business problem with, an attachment, tags, area) and a private messaging system to reply to the business needs.

2. A directory and a powerful search engine to identify the skills, the contact details of each coworker and the opportunity to create several business teams for your different coworker’s groups (residents, nomads, geographic areas)

3. A complete backoffice to get analytics about your organization activity (number of needs, number of replies, exchanges between members, statistics, exportation of data) and to customize your private area (color, logo, e-mails).

How it works

1. Create an account for your coworking in 3 clicks on https://app.swabbl.com

2. Invite the coworkers in the business teams you created

3. Turn your coworking into a business machine and develop collaboration between the coworkers

Do you still have questions ?

Contact our Happiness Center. We are here to serve you in the joy and good humor. Swabbl is an application built by and for users. The whole team is able to make you happy.

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